1. Start with the beginning: Pronunciation

The Turkish Alphabet (Alfabe) has 29 letters (harf). Let’s learn their pronunciation!

8 vowels (ünlüler):
a– as `aa` in bazaar
e– as `e` in ten
ı– as `a`(first) in again, similar to Romanian `â`
i– as `i` in Turkish
o– as `o`in over
ö– as `u` in turn, similar to Hungarian and German `ö`
u– as `o`in who
ü– as `ue`in value, similar to Hungarian and German `ü`

21 consonants (ünsüzler):
b– as `b` in boy
c– as `j` in joke
ç– as `ch` in church
d– as `d` in dance
f– as `f` in face
g– as `g` in give
ğ– soft G- lenghtens the preceding vowel. ex. dağ (mountain) is pronounced daa
h– as `h` in hobby
j– as `s`in casual, similar to Romanian `j`
k– as `c` in cake
l– as `l` in learn
m– as `m` in moon
n– as `n` in name
p– as `p` in picture
r– as `r` in red
s– as `s` in summer
ş– as `sh`in shape
t- as `t` in travel
v– as `v` in village
y– as `y` in you
z– as `z` in zone

If you still have doubts about pronunciation check the following video (Turkish Alphabet for children):