Sun, I got you Güneş…


Sun, I got you Güneş… even though you were trying (denemek) to escape (kaçmak) from my camera (fotoğraf makinesi)… and catch the train (tren) for your daily (günlük) travel (seyahat) around the world (dünya)…  I got you! I got you to hold my breath (nefes) while enjoying your breathtaking (harika) goodbye (hoşçakal).

I got you to make me smile (gülmek). I got you to remind (hatırlamak) me how beautiful you are…how precious (değerli) is your light (ışık) which dawns on us and brings us to life (hayat)… I got you to enlighten my dreams (hayal) hidden (saklamak) in the approaching night (gece)… I got you to give me a last (son) drop (damla) of energy (enerji) for today (bugün) and to prepare (hazırlamak) me for a new (yeni) day. Confident (inanan) and hopeful (umutlu) that you will show me the “tomorrow” (yarin) in an optimistic (iyimser) light!

Oh! You’ve got me! I’ve written this post under the influence (etki) of… music (müzik)

Thank you Sunset (Gün batımı), Cher and Sonny for inspiration (ilham)

Extract (seçme) from the song (şarkı):

Babe (bebe(ğim))
I got you babe
I got you to hold (tutmak) my hand (el)
I got you to understand (anlamak)
I got you to walk (yürümek) with me
I got you to talk (konuşmak) with me
I got you to kiss (öpmek) goodnight

Sun, I got you Güneş… in my curtain (perde)…

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