July. My lazy, marvellous July…

I’m in one of those lazy (tembel) days when I have a lot of work to do but too little motivation (motivasyon)… being surrounded by gentle sun rays (güneş ışını) and thousands shades of green (yeşil), distracting my attention from my duties and directing it towards the beauty (güzellik) of simple things. It’s a wonderful day of July (Temmuz).

And if yesterday after a hard working day, I served you my favourite Turkish dishes, today I will celebrate with you the summer (yaz). With the promise that after publishing this post I will return to my work and won’t feel guilty of time wasting (zaman israfı), as usually… Cross my heart! (Valla billa doğru söylüyorum!) Because we all have not just the right, but also the obligation to enjoy the magic (büyü) of life (hayat), to dream (hayal kurmak) with our eyes open, to admire nature (doğa) and fall in love (aşık olmak) with moments (anlar), tastes (tatlar), colours (renkler), scents (kokular)… And that’s what I’ve done today… I realized how lucky (şanslı) I am for being alive, for living my dream, doing what I like… how fortunate I am to hear the bees’ (arılar) and bugs’ (böcekler) buzzing, to be hugged by the sun, to feel the touch of the refreshing breeze (meltem), to dance in the rain (yağmur), to admire the unique and wonderful painting of the universe (evren), drawn in billions of colours…. To inhale the perfume of flowers (çiçekler), to be spoiled by mellow fruits (meyveler), … Because of you, July. My lazy, marvellous July. (Temmuz. Benim tembel, fevkalade Temmuzum)