The first 5 words you see describe you

My words are: güneş (sun- well, I’m in love with the sun), eğitim (education, I’m a Ph.D. student right? 😛 ), sevgi (love- because all we need is loooveee), Nutella (?! I’m not counting this, as is not even a Turkish word, but I do love Nutella ♥), kahve (coffee, of course ⭐ !) and sonuç (result, outcome)
Your turn!


Hello Eylül…

78c4aa52eb80931be5e08033b0051c5cNo. I’m not a fan of Eylül. But I can tolerate him. I still believe he is the best of Sonbahar family. He’s not so bad…not like his stone-hearted brothers, Ekim and Kasım. He is even a friend of my Güneş. But somehow he has a bad influence on my poor lover… as he has been visibly loosing his enthusiasm since they started to hang out together. I wonder why… Well, Güneş is still on fire! At least until his dear sister, Yağmur, won’t sweep the Hava with her tears. Yes, she is going to marry Eylül. And I’m not so happy about her choice, because she’s too sensitive for that family! We all know Eylül‘s mother, Rüzgar! She can be so cold and careless! Not to mention that they are planning to live together with the Sonbahar family, in the same house with Rüzgar‘s rude brother Gök Gürültüsü and his noisy wife, Fırtına! Thanks God Eylül is different… He is almost as bright and friendly as my Güneş. Eylül is calm and he loves to read. Almost as much as I do. And he is a great cook and makes the perfect kahve. He’s also a skillful gardener, you can find the most delicious üzüm, elma, armut, şeftali and most beautiful çiçekler in his garden. And he is so stylish! Love the way he mixes brown velvet with golden or copper-coloured soft wool. I guess I’ll have to get used with his presence… Hello Eylül! Hello September!


  • Eylül-September
  • Ekim-October
  • Kasım-November
  • Sonbahar-Autumn
  • Güneş-Sun
  • Yağmur-rain
  • Hava-air
  • Rüzgar-wind
  • Gök Gürültüsü-thunder
  • Fırtına-storm
  • üzüm-grapes
  • elma-apple
  • şeftali-peach
  • armut-pear
  • çiçek(ler)-flower(s)

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Meet the Cats of Istanbul + VoCATulary

I’ve just found the best guides to lead us through Istanbul: Turkish cats♥

And in case you want to adopt one, you may need the following voCATulary:
kitten=yavru kedi
to purr=(kedi) mırlamak
to keep a cat= kedi beslemek
cat food=kedi maması
sandbox=kedi kumluğu

And some expressions:
cat in gloves catches no mice=eldiven giymiş kedi fare yakalayamaz
like a cat with nine lives= kedi gibi dokuz canlı
when the cat is away the mice will play= kedi gidince meydan farelere kalır
has the cat got your tongue?= dilini kedi mi yuttu?

“Nine Lives – Cats in Istanbul is a documentary feature focusing on the millions of street cats that live in one of the world’s most populated cities and the people who love and care for them. It is a profile of an ancient city and its unique people, seen through the eyes of the most mysterious and beloved animal humans have ever known, the Cat.”
Directed by Ceyda Torun

Duygular. Aşkistan’dan sevgilerle


“Aşk bir seferdir. Bu sefere çıkan her her yolcu, istese de istemese de tepeden tırnağa değişir. Bu yollara dalıp da değişmeyen yoktur.” (Love is a journey. During the journey travellers change from top to toe whether they want or not. No one can travel into love and remain the same.) Elif Șafak-Așk, Rule 12

Today I’m inviting you in a unique journey  to Aşkistan, the Land of Love. We will speak its language and learn the recipe of love. Are you ready?

If yes, open your heart, close your eyes and spread your love all around.We need it, we live it. Because love makes us human. Love creates the Good and chases the Bad away. Love prevents us from hurting others. Love draws smiles on our faces and in our souls. Love is happiness. Love is compassion and empathy. Love takes care of others. Love wipes the tears away. Love creates beauty… We can neither enjoy nor recognize the true beauty of nature or people without watching them with the eyes of our hearts. Love is understanding and discovery. We fall in love with moments, places, people…  We fall in love with life. It’s easy, free and beneficial. So what’s the recipe? Love is usually buried in negative feelings, from sadness, hate to egoism, jealousy. All you need to do is to take a hoe and dig it up!

  • Whenever you feel sad add a pinch of smile to your day and you’ll feel better
  • If you hate somebody, remember that you are the one who suffers the most from hate! If someone hurts you, forgive him/her and free yourself from negative feelings.
  • Unfortunately we are all egotists to a certain degree, loving ourselves more than others. Act contrary! Help others as often as possible and the egoism will fade away gradually in the light of the happiness you create to others. You will definitely feel better when seeing the smile on your mother’s face after you cleaned up, the satisfaction on that poor puppy’s face after feeding it, the gratitude of your colleague when helping him/her, the sparkles in the eyes of a homeless child when feeding him, playing with him or teaching him to read or count… There are so many things you can do!
  • Are you jealous on other people’s success or happiness? Then contribute to them! Help them to become more successful and happy. This way you’ll learn to be happy for others!

Now let’s learn some useful words/ expression you’ll need in Așkistan:

  • așk, sevgi-love
  • duygular-emotions, feelings
  • biraz sevgi göstermek-show a little love
  • gerçek sevgi-real love
  • seni seviyorum-I love you
  • sevmek-to love
  • sevgi bütün kalpleri yumuşatır– love makes all heart gentle
  • fall in love-aşık olmak
  • yürek, kalp-heart
  • kalbini açmak-open one’s heart
  • dünyayı daha iyi bir yer haline getirmek– make the world a better place
  • gülmek-smile
  • gülümsetmek-make someone smile
  • mutluluk-happiness
  • mutlu olmak-be happy
  • mutlu etmek-make happy
  • mutlu son-happy ending
  • merhamet-compassion
  • eşduyum-empathy
  • özen göstermek-take care
  • ruh-soul
  • bencillik-egoism
  • bencil-egotist
  • kıskançlık-jealousy
  • kıskanç-jealous
  • üzüntü-sadness
  • üzgün-sad
  • sinir, öfke-anger
  • sinirli-angry
  • gözyaşı-tears
  • acı çekmek-to suffer


Photo by: Kessie from Brighton


Türk mutfağı: Love at first taste


There is nothing more delicious in this world than Türk mutfağı (Turkish cuisine)! It was love at first taste for me!  Heritage of a multi-cultural empire, Turkish cuisine tastes like Anatolia peppered with Middle-Eastern and Central Asian spices, sprinkled with Mediterranean olive oil and flavoured with Balcan herbs. A mouth-watering experience! An explosion of flavours and colours!

Some lezzetli (delicious) proofs from my Turkish adventures:

Turkish kahvaltı (breakfast):


Ekmek (bread), salata (salad), ayran, peynir (cheese), zeytin (olive), ızgara et (grilled meat)

A quick solution for breakfast, with love from the Aegean coast (Izmir):


İzmirli Kumru (sandwich made of green pepper, tomatoes and cheese)

I don’t remember the name of the following dish, it resembles tavuk şiş (grilled chicken) with sebzeler (vegetables):


it was delicious!

A very popular food in Eastern Turkey, in Elazığ they had a whole street of köfte restaurants:


çiğ köfte (Turkish steak tartare)

Favorilerimden bir tanesi (one of my favourite):


lahmacun (Turkish pizza with spicy meat and vegetables)

And after a square meal the best Turkish way to quench our thirst is


Taze ayran (fresh ayran) ve sıcak çay (and hot tea)


Relevant vocabulary:

  • Türk mutfağı=Turkish cuisine
  • Afiyet olsun!=Enjoy your meal!
  • kahvaltı=breakfast
  • öğle yemeği=lunch
  • akşam yemeği=dinner
  • yemek=food
  • su=water
  • içecek=beverage
  • çay=tea
  • süt=milk
  • peynir=cheese
  • baharat=spice
  • tuz=salt
  • biber=pepper (karabiber=black pepper; kırmızıbiber=red/chilli pepper)
  • şeker=sugar
  • çorba=soup
  • ayran=diluted salted yoghurt drink
  • lahmacun=Turkish pizza with spicy meat filling
  • kebap=kebab
  • çiğ köfte=Turkish steak tartare
  • et=meat
  • tavuk=chicken
  • kuzu=lamb
  • sığır eti=beef
  • balık=fish
  • sebze=vegetable
  • meyve=fruit
  • ekmek=bread
  • pirinç=rice
  • patates=potato


Experiences, words…Ramadan. About. Ramazan ayınız mübarek olsun!


The holy month of Ramadan is a period of fasting and spiritual reflection for Muslims. Ramadan corresponds to the ninth month of the lunar year and requires Muslims to refrain from eating and drinking between sunrise and sunset, to pray and to help those in need.

Two years ago I had the opportunity to be in Turkey during Ramadan. Even though I’m not a Muslim, and consequently, I wasn’t fasting, it was a valuable and interesting experience. The “noisy” city became suddenly quiet, the rush calmed down and the ezan (call to prayer) became the dominant voice of Eastern Turkey. During the day, although most of the people continued to respect their daily routine, the city was sleepy. People seemed weak, powerless, but in the same time serene and grateful. Most of the shops and restaurants were closed, the streets were deserted and burnt by the sun’s aggressive rays, while citizens withdrew to the coolness of their homes or workplaces. After the sunset, people gathered for iftar, a special Ramadan meal, and the city came to life. I’ve participated in iftar together with the personnel from the office where I was undertaking my internship and their families. It was nice to see how work collegues were acting like a big, united family. All over the city people came together and enjoyed the meal after sunset. I will never forget the night our neighbours, some cheerful women of all ages, invited me and my collegue to join them. They were chating and eating on the benches in front of our apartment building. Although we didn’t speak Turkish at the moment we accepted their invitation. It turned out to be a wonderful evening. I discovered that even conservative, veiled women can be very funny and crazy. We talked (how we could) about Tarkan, found out that they like Brad Pitt, ate sarma (grape leaves filled with meat), baklava and pistachio, and made pictures. They were so nice and kind! That’s what I love about Ramadan, besides its spiritual meaning, it has the power to bring people together.

During the holy month of Ramadan you may hear/use the following words and expressions:

  • If you have Turkish friends you can greet them by saying: Hayırlı Ramazanlar!/ İyi Ramazanlar!/ Ramazan ayınız mübarek olsun! (hayırlı=good, fortunate; ay=month/ayınız=your month; mübarek=blessed)
  • Ramazan ayı=month of Ramadan
  • oruç=fasting
  • oruç tutmak= to fast
  • namaz kılmak=to pray
  • ibadet=prayer
  • ezan=call to prayer
  • ramazan pidesi= round and flat bread eaten during Ramadan
  • iftar=traditional meal, eaten after sunset to break the daily fast during Ramadan
  • sahur=meal before sunrise

In the end I would like to cite Mevlâna Celâleddin-i Rûmî, one of my favourite Turkish author and spiritual leader: “Oruç, can gözünün açılması için bedenleri kör eder. Senin gönül gözün kör de, o yüzden kıldığın namazlar, yaptığın ibadetler sana o aydınlığı vermiyor, hakikati göstermiyor.”( According to my amateur translation the meaning of Mevlana’s words are “Fasting, blinds our body in order to open our soul’s eye. If your heart is blind, your prayers, worship won’t enlighten you, won’t show you the truth.”

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