Hello Eylül…

78c4aa52eb80931be5e08033b0051c5cNo. I’m not a fan of Eylül. But I can tolerate him. I still believe he is the best of Sonbahar family. He’s not so bad…not like his stone-hearted brothers, Ekim and Kasım. He is even a friend of my Güneş. But somehow he has a bad influence on my poor lover… as he has been visibly loosing his enthusiasm since they started to hang out together. I wonder why… Well, Güneş is still on fire! At least until his dear sister, Yağmur, won’t sweep the Hava with her tears. Yes, she is going to marry Eylül. And I’m not so happy about her choice, because she’s too sensitive for that family! We all know Eylül‘s mother, Rüzgar! She can be so cold and careless! Not to mention that they are planning to live together with the Sonbahar family, in the same house with Rüzgar‘s rude brother Gök Gürültüsü and his noisy wife, Fırtına! Thanks God Eylül is different… He is almost as bright and friendly as my Güneş. Eylül is calm and he loves to read. Almost as much as I do. And he is a great cook and makes the perfect kahve. He’s also a skillful gardener, you can find the most delicious üzüm, elma, armut, şeftali and most beautiful çiçekler in his garden. And he is so stylish! Love the way he mixes brown velvet with golden or copper-coloured soft wool. I guess I’ll have to get used with his presence… Hello Eylül! Hello September!


  • Eylül-September
  • Ekim-October
  • Kasım-November
  • Sonbahar-Autumn
  • Güneş-Sun
  • Yağmur-rain
  • Hava-air
  • Rüzgar-wind
  • Gök Gürültüsü-thunder
  • Fırtına-storm
  • üzüm-grapes
  • elma-apple
  • şeftali-peach
  • armut-pear
  • çiçek(ler)-flower(s)

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5 thoughts on “Hello Eylül…

  1. Not going to lie, I totally thought you were writing about a sitcom or soap opera… I love the way this post was written! And thank you for posting the vocabulary words – without those, I would have been left think about a strange television show called Eylül. However, it would totally make a cool show… lol. Love it!

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