9. Var/ Yok

yok varHey lazy ones! Ne var ne yok? It’s time to learn some Turkish grammar! Today we are going to learn how to use Var/Yok- There is/There is not correctly.

The Turkish Var and Yok are used to express the existence/absence of something or the possession.

Var-There is / Yok-There is not

  •       Masada bir elma var.- There is an apple on the table.
  •       Masada elma yok.- There is no apple on the table.

In case of possession we add the possessive suffixes to the noun:

  •      Bir elmam var.– I have an apple.
  •      Elmam yok.- I have no apple.
  •      Şüphem yok.-I have no doubt.
  •      Vaktımız var.-We have time.
  •      Paran yok.-You have no money.

Interrogative is formed by adding the question particle -mi (following the rules of vowel harmony) or using the interrogative pronouns/ adjectives/adverbs :

  •        Ekmek var mı?- Is there bread?
  •        Kitabın var mı?- Do you have a book?
  •        Evde kim var?- Who is in the house?
  •        Masada ne var?- What is on the table?
  •        Çantada defter yok mu?- Isn’t there a notebook in the bag?


  • Ne var ne yok?– How is it going?
  • Ne var?-What’s up? What’s the matter?
  • Bir varmış, bir yokmuş– Once upon a time

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