6. Cases-İsmin halleri


Turkish has six grammatical cases:

1. The Nominative -Yalın  Hal (Nominatif)

  • Used for subjects and indefinite objects
  • Answers to the questions: Kim?/Who? ; Ne?/What?
  • No suffixes

Exemples: Bana bir kalem ver, lütfen. -Please, give me a pen.

Güneş parlıyor. -The sun is shining.

2. The genitive- Genitif

  • Denotes possession
  • Answers to the question: Kimin?/Whose?
  • Suffixes: -(n)ın,-(n)in,-(n)un,-(n)ün

Exemples: Çocuğun kitabı- the child’s book

O araba benim.-That car is mine.

3. The dative- Datif

  • Expresses an indirect object or goal, movement to or towards the noun
  • Answers to the questions: Nereye?/ Where (to)?; Kime?/Whom?
  • Suffixes: -(y)e, -(y)a

Exemples: Eve gidiyorum.-I’m going home.

Orhan’a anlat.-Tell Orhan.

4. The Accusative- Akuzatif

  • Expresses a definite direct object
  • Answers to the questions: Kimi?/Who?; Neyi?/ What?
  • Suffixes: -(y)ı,-(y)i,-(y)u,-(y)ü

Exemples: Sözlüğü kullanıyorum.- I’m using the dictionary.

Kediyi gördüm.-I saw the cat.

5. The locative-Bulunma Hali

  • Expresses the place of action
  • Answers to the questions: Nerede?/Where?; Ne zaman?/When?
  • Suffixes: -de,-da,-te,-ta

Exemples: Annem mutfakta.-My mother is in the kitchen.

Çocuk bahçede.-The child is in the garden.

6. The ablative- Ablatif

  • Expresses the place (from which) or cause of action
  • Answers to the questions: Nereden?/ From where?; Neden?/Why?
  • Suffixes: -den,-dan,-ten,-tan

Examples: Okuldan geldi.-He came from school.

Kitaptan öğreniyorum.-I’m learning from the book.


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