4. Formation of plural nouns in Turkish

Sadece bir İstanbul… bir çok renk, duygu, kedi…
(Only one Istanbul… many colours, emotions, cats…)

Let’s break the myth of lazy Saturdays and learn the Turkish plural! In Turkish the plural is formed by adding the suffix –ler or -lar in accordance with the little vowel harmony.


Ev (house)-evler (houses)
Balık (fish)- balıklar (fishes)
Kedi (cat)- kediler (cats)
Kitap (book)- kitaplar (books)
Mektup (letter)- mektuplar (letters)

Harf (letter-alphabet)- harfler (letters)
Saat (hour)- saatler (hours)
Kalp (heart)- kalpler (hearts)

Many Turkish greetings are expressed by using the plural:
İyi günler!– have a nice day!
İyi akşamlar!– good afternoon/evening!
İyi geceler!– good night!
İyi yolculuklar!-have a nice journey!
İyi şanslar!- good luck!
İyi eğlenceler!- have a good time/ have fun!
Mutlu yıllar!-happy anniversary!
Mutlu bayramlar!-happy hollidays!
Renkli rüyalar!-Sweet (literary colourful) dreams!
Tebrikler!- Congratulations!

Other uses:
• Collective nouns: aile (family)- aileler (families)
• Personal nouns: Mehmetler (Mehmet and his family/friends)

! We don’t use plural suffixes with numerals and other words expressing quantities!
• Bir kalem (one pen)
• İki kalem (two pens)
• Çok kalem (many pens)
• Üç Silahşorlar– The Three Musketeers
• Yedi Cüceler– The Seven Dwarfs
• Kırk Haramiler– The Forty Thieves

Image: http://www.wallpaperhi.com/Animals/Cats/istanbul_sea_let_me_sleep_21171
1. Rosita D’Amora, Corso di Lingua Turca, Hoepli, 2012




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